Get your lingo on!

AM – All Mountain
A bit of everything mountain biking, sort of “jack of all trades but master of none”.

The rate at which the pedals and crank arms are spun around while riding.

The front sprocket set.

Pedals that you clip cycling shoes into so they are ‘fixed’ to the cranks and provide more efficient peddaling on inclines.

The arms that the peddals are attached to.

Flat type pedals mostly used for downhill, bmx and jump style.

Four Cross – 4X
A track consisting of jumps and corners similar to bmx but for mountain bikes too.

A mountain bike with no rear suspension only front

To lift your front wheel up while coasting and without using peddals for power.

MTB – Mountain Biking
To ride on dirt roads, tracks, paths and anywhere you are able to that is not on normal road surfaces.

To pump on a track or trail is to push your bike down a short decline even as small as a speed bump to get free speed or momentum, imagine pushing someone you hate down the hill in a shopping trolly, now do it with your handlebars.

The levers or mechanism you use to move the derailleurs to change gears.

Part of a mountain biking trail or route that only allows bikes to ride in single file, passing is either difficult or impossible.

A narrow obstacle, bridge or beam.

A mountain bike with rear suspension.
Sprocket – The toothed discs that drives the chain.

Stage race
A multi day mountain bike event that consists of point to point races on each day.

A sharp u turn usually found with steep slopes that zig zag you up or down the mountain.

A style that uses pavements, benches, railings, walls and any urban street objects as obstacles.

To jump off, or lay the bike down while riding to avoid a worse crash or impact.

A raised shoulder on the outside edge of a corner or turn like a bowl allowing a rider to lean into a corner with much more speed and traction.

BMX – Bicycle Motocross
A smaller sized bike designed for track racing over jumps and turns.

Bunny Hop
To hop into the air or over an obstacle whil on your bike.

The components that are moved when you shift gears, they force the chain onto the next sized sprocket, most bikes come with front and rear derailleurs

DH – Down Hill
A steep decent from start to finish consisting of switchbacks, drop offsand other obstacles.

DJ – Dirt Jump
A style of riding that mostly consists of large jumps made of dirt.

Drop off
A drop from an elevated position measuring anything between pavement height to 2+ meters, handled best with a bit of speed and momentum.

Dual Suspension
A mountain bike with front and rear suspension systems.

Granny gear
The easiest gear on your bike (usually 1-1) that a granny would use to climb up a slope. smallest front sprocket and largest rear sprocket.

Lock Out
To lock your suspension from movement.

Over The Bars
To fly over the handlebars.

Rock garden
A section of track that has several head size or larger rocks or boulders

A jump  that has a flat top, the trick is to fly off the face of one side and land on the down slope of the other, not so easy without an engine.

To flick your bike up and sideways so it is almost parallel to the ground during a jump

XC – Cross country
Usually long distance trails with strenuous climbs to test a riders endurance.